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Building a bridge between offline and online with personalized shopping mall apps


What do we do?

We have built the most efficient mobile communication channel for shopping malls, proven with increased foot traffic and sales. We do it by connecting consumers to their favorite shops through an app unique for every mall. With the customer insights collected we close up the black holes in your customer journey mapping.


Engage users

Let our relevance algorithm sort out the most relevant content for every single user based on demographics, which stores they like, visit and in-app behaviour. You will experience higher engagement and effects compared to any other channel, you work with. Just check our results for the last 180 days:

Number of users:
30 000+

Views of campaigns:
1 600 000+

Campaign interactions:
410 000+

Campaign interaction rate:


Gain insights

Gain accurate insights such as dwell time and visit frequency for different segments in both your mall and specific stores with our iBeacon infrastructure. Our analytic software can also integrate with your customer counter and Wi-Fi to give even better insights. Last 180 days:

Traffic to stores:
170 000 visits

Average dwell time in mall:
1h 5m

Average visit frequency:
1 visit every 2 weeks



Dig deeper in the data that we are providing you with. Get to know which stores are the best performing and which campaigns generate the most foot traffic to your mall. Use your insights to maximize the effects of your communication on other channels.

Yearly proven value per 10.000 app users:

Avg. online-to-offline conversion:

(12.8 % visits store within 7 days after interacting with a campaign)

Campaign views:
1 127 000

Campaign interactions:
562 000

Mall visits:
123 000

Engage stores

Let our data and reports tell you and your stores what to do more of to attract more customers. By using our Shop Admin app, you upload, update and follow effects of your campaigns. The mall management can always see the bigger overview and edit all the content. Last 180 days:

Campaigns uploaded:
3 170

Avg. view per campaign:

Avg. interactions per campaign:

Avg. visit generated from a campaign:

Shopping malls

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